Wenjin Zhou

I am an Assistant Professor of Computer Science at University of Massachusetts, Lowell. My research passion lies in interdisciplinary and collaborative research Data Science mainly analyzing Big Data in Biomedicine for enabling data-driven decision making in medicine, health care, and brain science. I tackle Data Science with three research components:

  1. Computational Solutions - To understand how data is structured, analyzed and processed through data modeling, information retrieval and data-intensive computing.
  2. Scientific Visualization - To explore how we can make sense of our big data sets combining multi-dimensional information obtained in various format and imaging modalities.
  3. Interactive User interfaces - To discover how interaction with the data at multiple scales can help us connect the dots and can lead to new knowledge.

These three research components interact with one another to expand our knowledge in computer science, brain and health sciences. I believe that application-driven contributions to expand computer science to interdisciplinary research will become more and more important in exploring and understanding scientific and health-related problems.

I completed my Ph.D. and Sc.M. in the Computer Science Department at Brown, where I was advised by Professor David H. Laidlaw. I received a B.S. degree (with high distinction) in Computer Science from University of Nebraska-Lincoln.