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Post-Conference Tour 1: Guilin-Xian-Beijing
Aug 24 to Aug 29, 2001; 5 nights)

Day 1 (Aug 24) Gulin to Xian by air, stay in a 4-star hotel
Day 2 (Aug 25) Sightseeing: Terra-Cotta Warriors and Horses, Huaqing Hot Spairgs, the Big wild Goose Pagoda, the Provincial museum, and the Ancient city Wall
Day 3 (Aug 26) Xian to Beijing by air; Stay in a 4-star hotel
Day 4 (Aug 27) Sightseeing: Great Wall, Ming Tombs, and Summer Palace
Day 5 (Aug 28) Sightseeing: Temple of Heaven, Palace museum, Tian-An-Men Square
Day 6 (Aug 29) EXIT

Tourist Attractions in Beijing
Tourist Attractions in Xian