Average-Case Complexity Forum

Average case analysis always seemed more relevant than the worst case. Indeed, although NP-complete problems are generally thought of as being computationally intractable, some are easy on average; and some are complete in the average case, indicating that they remain difficult on randomly generated instances. Motivated and guided by the desires to distinguish (standard, worst-case) NP-complete problems that are "easy on average" from those that are "difficult on average," the study of average-case NP-completeness opens a new front in complexity theory. This forum provides an overview of the recent research on average complexity, and shows the subtleties in formulating a coherent framework for studying average-case NP-completeness. It also provides an up-to-date list of works published in the area.
Advisory Board: Yuri Gurevich, Steven Homer, Leonid Levin.
Editor: Jie Wang.
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