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> Subject: World X-C results
> Date: Monday, March 27, 1995 12:12AM
> Taken from Sunday's Boston Globe. Here goes:
> Men's results (12000 meters):
>   1) Paul Tergat, Kenya, 34:05
>   2) Ismael Kirui, Kenya, 34:13
>   3) Salah Hissou, Morocco, 34:14
>   4) Haile Gebresilase, Ethopia, 34:26
>   5) Brahim Lahlafi, Morocco, 34:34
>   6) Paulo Guerra, Portugal, 34:38
>   7) James Songok, Kenya, 34:41
>   8) Simon Chemoiywo, Kenya, 34:46
>   9) Todd Williams, USA, 34:47
> 10) Martin Fiz, Spain, 34:50
> 11) Larbi Khattabi, Morocco, 34:55
> 12) Abdelaaziz Shere, Mexico, 35:00
> 13) Jose Garcia, Spain, 35:01
> 14) Bob Kennedy, USA, 35:02
> 15) Julius Ondieki, Kenya, 35:02
> 16) Mustapha Essaid, France, 35:03
> 17) Abdellah Behar, France, 35:03
> 18) Jose Carlos Adan, Spain, 35:05
> 19) Antonio Serrano, Spain, 35:07
> 20) Andrew Pearson, Britain, 35:07
> 60) Bradley Barquist, USA, 36:04
> 62) Jim Westphal, USA, 36:05
> 82) Dan Nelson, USA, 36:20
> 83) Eric Morrison, USA, 36:21
> 157) John Trautman, 38:09
  dnf-Reuben Reina> 

> Team scores: Kenya 62; Morocco 111, Spain 120,
> Portugal 139; Ethiopia 169; USA (Williams, Kennedy, Barquist, Westphal,
> Nelson, Morrison) 310; Italy 325;
> S. Africa 326; Britain 354, France 422,
> WOMEN'S RESULTS (6,450 meters):
>   1) Deratu Tulu, Ethiopia, 20:21
>   2) Catherine McKiernan, Ireland, 20:29
>   3) Sally Barsosio, Kenya, 20:39
>   4) Margaret Ngotho, Kenya, 20:40
>   5) Gete Wami, Ethiopia, 20:49
>   6) Joan Nesbit, USA, 20:50
>   7) Merima Denboba, Ethiopia, 20:53
>   8) Rose Cheruiyot, Kenya, 20:54
>   9) Albertina Dias, Portugal, 20:56
> 10) Gabriela Szabo, Romania, 20:57
> 11) Catherine Kirui, Kenya, 20:58
> 12)  Zahra Quaziz, Morocco, 21:06
> 13) Olga Bondarenko, Russia, 21:06
> 14) Olga Appell, USA, 21:07
> 15) Yukiko Okamoto, Japan, 21:07
> 16) Julia Vaquero, Spain, 21:12
> 17) Helen Kimaiyo, Kenya, 21:13
> 18) Paula Radcliffe, Britain, 21:14
> 19) Annette Paulluy, France, 21:15
> 20) Kariako Haginaga, Japan, 21:17
> Other USA Women: 37) Gwyn Coogan, 21:32
> 54) Katy McCandless, 21:45
> 62) Liz Wilson, 21:50
> 67) Carmen Ayala-Troncosco, 21:53
> Women's team scores: Kenya 26, Ethiopia 38, Romania 84, Japan 102, USA
> (Nesbit, Appell, Coogan, McCandless) 111, Russia 116, Spain 133, France 151,
> Britain 164, Portugal 175.
> Gerry in Newmarket, NH

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It was a great day for the U.S. at the World X-C Championships. 
  In the senior men's race, Todd Williams and Bob Kennedy finished 9th and 14th,
respectively, to give the U.S. its best 1-2 finish since Pat Porter and Ed
Eyestone  placed 7-12 in 1987. The U.S. team finished 5th, its best showing
since taking 3rd in 1986.
  Not to be outdone, the U.S. women  placed 5th, with veteran Joan Nesbit taking
6th, and "new" American Olga Appell finishing 14th.
 The U.S. Junior Women finished 4th in the team standings, the highest finish
for an American team since the juniors were added to the program in 1989.
USATF's decision to fund travel to the World Trials for the top available
runners obviously was a wise one.
  According to Reuters, the Ethiopian team encountered all sorts of problems in
getting to the meet (3 days of travel!), and didn't arrive in Durham (England)
until late on Friday.

(See previous post for top-10 Juniors)
TEAMS:(score 4)
1.Kenya 18
2.Ethiopia  31
3.Japan 56
4.U.S. 113

U.S. Finishers
19.Jessica Fry  U.Alabama  14:57
25.Mary Cobb Pitsfield(Ma.) H.S. 15:04
32.Julia Stamps  Santa Rosa(Ca) H.S. 15:17
37.Kortney Dunscombe  Stanford 15:20
43.Sally Glynn  Walter Johnson (Md) H.S. 15:25
48.Heather Burroughs  U.Colorado  15:27

TEAMS:(score 4)
1.Kenya 23
2.Ethiopia 25
3.Morocco 72
4.Japan 84
5.Algeria 150
9.USA  227

U.S. Finishers
35.Tim Briggs  26:08
49.Jason Rexing 26:28
64.Travis Landreth  26:42
79.Matt Farley  26:56
81.Mark Hauser  26:58
113.Chris Severy  27:42

My thanks to the IAAF for faxing the results so quickly. The complete results
will be available in the next issue of X-Country X-Press.    
e-mail me directly if you want more information

Walt Murphy    70621.235

REPORT : 23rd IAAF World Cross Country Championships

25th March 1995  at Durham, England

by Sean Bolton

Following on from the early results and race reports posted by
Walt Murphy and Petri Niininen have already posted, here is my
report from someone lucky enough to be there.

I arrived in Durham at midday, on Friday, the day prior to the
World Championships.  The town of Durham had certainly made a big
effort for the World  Championships with a week of cultural
events leading upto the XC races.

The town center was a very cosmopolitan place on Friday afternoon
with many of the runners taking the afternoon to visit Durham
with its historic Cathederal and Castle that dominate this
ancient town. The local running shop  was particularly popular as
foreign athletes crammed in  to buy running spikes and training
shoes. (which they had presumably forgot to bring with them! :-)

The previous week had seen as spell of mild, dry weather over
England, leaving the cross country course dry and firm under
foot.  On the Friday evening I went for a run around the course
and the surface was indeed fast, although the ground was quite
lumpy making smooth running difficult.  The 2000m loop consisted
of 600m of flat  running, followed by a gradual climb of 800m
which ended with a short sharp climb at the top.  The remainder
was a descent back to the flat part of the course where the start
and finish gates where located.  The course had several twists
and turns as well as the odd dip and  lump.  Overall I thought
the course was excellent forcross country although if it had
rained, it would of seriously altered the nature of the race.

On Saturday morning the forecasted showers had held off  but the
wind still blew strongly across the course.  The temperature was
around 10 centigrade, although the northerly wind made it feel a
lot colder.

The Junior Womens race started the days events and proved to be
an excellent race.  The Kenyans were quickly to the fore but the
Finnish girl, Ann-Marie Sandell was mixing it with them.  After
one lap, Sandell and J. Keitney of Kenya ran side by side and
broke away from the other runners.

As they approached the finish, Sandell sprinted hard and broke
away from the Kenyan for a popular and well earned win.

The Junior Mens race was next which again was dominated by Kenya
and Ethiopia with many of the leading runners choosing to run
barefoot.  The pace was furious from the gun and the field was
quickly strung out.  Kenyan, Ethiopian, and Tanzanian runners ran
as if the finish line was always 100m ahead, until one by one
they fell of the leading group.  The athlete left in the lead
after this battle was Mezgebu from Ethiopia who finished in
24:12, a fantastic time if the course distance of 8470m is

The Senior Mens race was next and the first lap was again led by
a charge of the Green and Red vests of Kenya.  After a manic
first lap, the format of the race started to develop with a
leading group consisting of Paul Tergat, James Songok, Ismael
Kirui, Salh Hissou, and Haili Gebresellasi.  In the chasing
groups Paul Guerra of Portugal and Martin Fis of Spain  were
looking good. Todd Williams and Bob Kennedy both seemed to move
up the field over the first couple of laps.  Spencer Duval and
Andrew Pearson of Great Britain both went for broke and attempted
to live with the early pace.  Pearson held on for an excellent
20th place whilst Duval suffered and slipped down the field.
Pearson has been out of sorts recently but bounced back today
with a run that promises a good track season ahead of him.  Duval
suffered on the fast course and would of faired better on a
muddier course.  Of the other Britons, Keith Cullen and Martin
Jones both ran well.  Jones, a former World Hill Running champion
only 2 years ago, has adapted remarkably well to running on the
track and cross country.  Dave Clarke, at 37, and making his 12th
appearance at the world champs, ran a gritty race with the other
Britons all producing good runs.

After 6km of the 12km race, Tergat and Kirui blazed away at the
front of the race, taking it in turns to put in bursts of speed
to break the other runner.  It appeared at this point that they
had forgotten it was the World Champs but a grudge match between
two Kenyans.  After 9km Tergat finally broke away from Kirui and
was able to coast in for a well earned victory.

Although dominated by Africans, 12 of the first 25 were
non-African with USA, France, Portugal, Spain and Great Britain

It would appear that this years track season will again be led by
the Kenyans, Moroccans, and Ethiopians, but there is some hope
that the likes of Paul Guerra of Portugal, Todd Williams of the
USA, Bob Kennedy of the USA, amongst others, can run them close
and even beat them.

The final event was the womens race, in which Tulu of Ethiopia
and McKiernann of Ireland were most peoples likely winners.  A
first lap saw a group of 6 break clear with Rose Cheriyout and
Sally Bariso of Kenya, Tulu and McKiernann, all looking strong.
Paula Radcliffe of Great Britain attempted to go with the pace
but was the first to drop as McKiernann took the race on.
However, Tulu always looked comfortable and followed every move
until she kicked away in the last 800m.  McKiernann collected her
fourth silver medal much to the disappointment of the large Irish
contingent in the spectators.

A large crowd enjoyed an excellent day of racing and I certainly
enjoyed seeing so many of the worlds best runners racing and
mixing with the spectators before and after the races.

I hoped to bump into Chris Weber of t-and-f but unfortunately I
missed him.  He had an excellent run to place 51st and 2nd

I don't have the full results yet but I will post them as soon as
I get them (assuming some else doesn't beat me too it).