Track Calculator Alive Again Dec. 11, 2008

Available for downloading. Please go here to download the dos/windows program and instructions.

Calculates Performance factor, VO2max, Purdy Points and Hung. Pts for a given distance and time. Also predicts performace at other distances. But that's not all!!. It gives pace times for every possible track, does Track and Field conversions, does Coe & Martin predictions, and calculates and predicts Decathalon and Heptathalon scores. Its free, with no advertising and you can even download the program to use on your own computer. What more do you want? Let me know via e-mail and you might even get more.

If for some reason this server is not working, you might try here, which is an old slow server at my house.

Enter time in hr:min:sec.tenths format.

To submit the data, and get your PF, PACE, Purdy pts, est. Vo2max, and predicted times for other distances, press this button: .

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Here are some old Dos/windows programs available to download programs to download

The competition ... other web calculator's ..Runners World ..etc

There used to be some other good ones ... Mercier tables in Canada? This one here: .. (but the link broke)
KNAU (Dutch) and IAAF track rating system

If you would like to e-mail me with comments or suggestions feel free..