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Dr. Karen Daniels, Computer Science

Daniels, Computer Science, Honored for Best Paper

Computer Science Professor Karen Daniels has received a Best Paper Award for the year 2000 from the Institute of Industrial Engineers (IIE). Her paper, "Solving an Apparel Trim Placement Problem Using a Maximum Cover Problem Approach," and co-authored R. Grinde of the University of New Hampshire, was printed in the Insitute's journal, IEE Transactions.

The award, which is specifically for a paper published by the "Feature Applications" deparment of the journal, carries a $1,000 cash prize, sponsored by Systems Modeling Corporation. The paper will be presented at the Indusrial Engineers Research Conference in May 2001.

Daniels, who joined the UMass Lowell Faculty in Fall 2000, based her research on the problem o flaying out patterns on fabric for minimum waste, and making that process fully computer-automated.

"The problem of packing things together optimally, even simple rectangular shapes, is actually difficult-and difficult to prove that you have the best solution," said Daniels. "Sometimes the difference between a good solution and the best solution is not large, but for apparel manufactures, cutting thousands of pieces of fabric daily, the cost of waste adds up." Daniels developed the algorithm using principles from Computational Geometry and Operations Research.

Daniels joined the faculty in 2000, after working in the Mitre Corporation.  She earned her Ph.D. in computer science at Harvard University.   Daniels is one of the principal faculty members in the Center for Advanced Computation and Telecommunications.

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Thursday, March 15, 2001  
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