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Selected Press

Teaching Workshop Boosts STEM
Mass High Tech — July 17, 2009
" While their students were free to enjoy the mid-80 degree weather early in their summer vacations, 48 educators from schools across Massachusetts gathered in a classroom at iRobot Corp..." - View Clipping
Look out, Rover. Robots are man's new best friend
CNET News — May 27, 2009
" Sylvia the German shepherd is learning to live with robots. The 6-year-old, curious canine was recently adopted by the Tambascia family in Brockton, Mass. There was one problem..." - View Clipping
Robots Will Aid in Health Care as Population Ages
PC World — April 16, 2009
" The medical needs of the aging adult population will increase the market for robotics to assist in health care, according to a speaker at the RoboBusiness Conference in Boston. Surgical robots..." - View Clipping
Machines for Living
Technology Review — March/April, 2009
" In Holly Yanco's office, robots of every sort--windup, stuffed, and model, ranging from C-3PO to Bender--vie for space with the hundreds of brightly colored Pez dispensers that line the three..." - View Clipping
Microsoft Chooses UML Professor's Robotics Project for Funding
UML Shuttle — June 11, 2008
" Microsoft Corp. has selected Assoc. Prof. Holly Yanco's robotics project as one of eight proposals that will share $500,000 in research funding and advanced software applications. Yanco, who..." - View Clipping
Artbotics Exhibit is a Winner at Revolving Museum
UML Shuttle — May 14, 2008
" Joe Sargent Jr., a mechanical enginerring junior at UMass Lowell, created this computer-controlled tic-tac-toe game as part of the Artbotics exhibit at The Revolving Museum in Lowell. About..." - View Clipping

HEADS UP — Exhibit
Boston Globe — April 28, 2008
" On Thursday. the Revolving Museum hosts another reception for its new exhibition 'Toys and Games: More than Just Amusement.' At this second opening, you'll see new machines made by the..." - View Clipping

Botball and Botfest: Rise of the Machines
UML Shuttle — April 23, 2008
" Whirs of motors and enthusiastic cheers filled UMass Lowell's Costello Gym on a rainy Saturday in early April as scores of students and their teachers, parents and supporters — and robots..." - View Clipping
Big Ideas For Tomorrow
Lowell Sun — November 9, 2006
" The last time Anthony Tether visited UMass Lowell, researchers at the university ended up getting $1.2 million grant to study tissue regeneration. Yesterday, UMass Lowell faculty presented... " - View Clipping
Computers and Art? They Go Together Like Chocolate and Peanut Butter
Lowell Sun — July 11, 2006
" Computer science. Just mention the subject and fine art is often the last thing that comes to mind. Programming, yes. Maybe even graphic design. But not fine art. Holly Yanco, a... " - View Clipping
Yanco Wins CAREER Award for Human-Robot Research
UML Magazine — Summer, 2006
" Holly Yanco, assistant professor of computer science, has been awarded a five-year, $420,000 CAREER grant by the National Science Foundation for her proposal on 'Interacting With... " - View Clipping
UMass-Lowell and Robots Win
Boston Globe — July 28, 2005
" A five-member team of students from the University of Massachusetts at Lowell won two awards at the National Conference on Artificial Intelligence in Pittsburgh July 9-13. Twenty-two... " - View Clipping
Premiere Award for Excellence in Engineering Education Courseware
Premiere Courseware for 2005
" Pyro: Python Robotics by Doug Blank and Deepak Kumar, Bryn Mawr College, Leesa Meeden, Swarthmore College and Holly Yanco, University of Massachusetts Lowell. Pyro is a Python-based... " - View Clipping
ROBOTS - and the Minds That Move Them
UMass Lowell Magazine — Fall, 2004
" The scenarios are almost limitless. A bedridden invalid suddenly able to fetch her own food and medicines; a wheelchair-bound quadriplegic crossing the street without help; a trapped... " - View Clipping
Robots Invade UMass Lowell
Lowell Sun — March 28, 2004
" It was a good thing that when science-fiction writer Isaac Asimov drew up his three laws of robotics - a robot may not injure a human being; a robot must obey orders given it by a human being... " - View Clipping
Robots That Have Been to War Visit Campus
UML Shuttle — October 29, 2003
" A robot that worked well in the lab might not work at all at the World Trade Center's Ground Zero, where features were covered by masses of loose paper and camouflaging dust. A robot that... " - View Clipping
Northbridge Robot Battles It Out
Telegram & Gazette — April 1, 2003
" Howie Mandell looks - and lives - nothing like the comedian he is named after. While the comedian lives large, this Howie Mandell, though colorful in its own right, lives in a glass case. It's a spot... " - View Clipping
Robots Tested in Mock Search for Urban Disaster Victims
New York Times — August 16, 2001
" A powerful earthquake has just hit an urban center. Instead of search-and-rescue teams of people and dogs, robots enter a collapsed building to seek victims. Some of the robots are small... " - View Clipping