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I'm currently a doctoral student working towards a Ph.D. in computer science. I began work at the start of June of 2008 as a research assistant working on the VAST2008 challenge project under the direction of Dr. Grinstein - since then I participated in VAST2009 & VAST2010. At Massachusetts General Hospital along side Dr. Kevin Hughes I worked developing a tablet application that collected and applied risk models to patient history to obtain lifetime breast cancer risk and make appropriate patient screening recommendations. My current work is on development of a web based visualization platform called Weave. For this projects I have been responsible for developing multiple user interfaces for users of varying abilities and for adapting the visualization interface to maximize preattentive perception. My thesis work is to make Weave visualizations accessible by blind and visually impaired individuals by statistically analyzing and categorizing them - this information is then used to provide a natural language description of the Weave visualizations which are accessible using widely adopted screen reading software.

I have been elected Vice President of the Computer Science Graduate Student Organization and am the lead of its Women in Computer Science subcommittee, in addition to participation in the Computer Science Undergraduate Advisory Committee and the Student mentoring program. Participation in these types of groups has made me an excellent event coordinator and champion of causes. I have strong interests in feminism, environmentalism, and sustainability and hope that my work in visualization and visual analytics can someday be of benefit to these causes.



University of Massachusetts Lowell, Master Of Science
Computer Science
May 2012

University Of Massachusetts Lowell, Professional Certificate
Computer Science: Human Computer Interaction
January 2011

Visual Anaytics Summer School, London England
Septenber 2010

University Of Massachusetts Lowell, Bachelor Of Science,
Computer Science: concentration in Bioinformatics
May 2010

Relative Skills:

Programming Languages: C, C++, C#, Java, HTML, CSS, Scheme, C#, Flex, Tex, Processing
Operating Systems: Windows, Mac OSX, UNIX/LINUX
Software: Microsoft Office, Eclipse, Flex Monkey, Photoshop, SVN, Tex Maker, Weka, Rapidminer, UVP, Jigsaw, Weave, Tableau, Ggobi, R Project

Work Experience:

  • Research Intern: Institute for Visualization and Perception Research Lab(June 2008 - present)IVPR Lab
    • Grant supported National Science Foundation research
    • automating scoring for the VAST 2008 Challenge Information on the VAST 2008 Challenge
    • Grant supported open source interdisciplinary web based visualization software development project called Weave
    • Grant supported proprietary software development for breast cancer research at Mass General Hospital
    • Thesis research work designing conducting and publishing results of user studies for evaluation of accessibility research

  • Contracted Programmer Google Summer of Code (May 2012 - September 2012)
    • Compose and submit project proposal
    • Write code to complete project
    • Submit code for review to GSOC staff and mentoring organization

  • Lab Assistant: Computer Science Department Help Desk, UMASS Lowell (August 2007 - June 2008)
    • Maintence of Windows Mac and Linux operating systems in computer Labs
    • Performed small tasks such as retrieval and sorting of mail
    • Assisted users with account creation, password resets, and trouble shooting

  • Teaching Assistant: Computer Science Department at UMASS Lowell (June 2007 - August 2007)
    • Assisted with classroom setup and technical difficulties
    • Aided classroom instruction and provided support during lecture to keep students on track
    • Scheduled and taught lab instruction

  • Systems Lab Member: Computer Science Department at UMASS Lowell (December 2006 - June 2007)
    • Completed programming tasks assigned by Dr. James Canning
    • Directed and coordinated the creation of a working Systems Lab at UMASS Lowell in Dec. 2008
    • The Systems Lab

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