Chapter 3

Color Theory and Modeling
H. Levkowitz

Figure 3.9
The MCMTRANS color specification program. A fixed LHS vector (l = 0.68, h = 169.1, s = 0.984) is converted using four GLHS models (defined by the weights in the barycentric potentiometer). Note the difference in appearance and in RGB coordinates resulting from the different models.

Figure 3.9a
(wmax, wmid, wmin) = (1,0,0) HSV-hexcone.

Figure 3.9b
(wmax, wmid, wmin) = (0.5,0.5,0.5) HLS-double-hexcone.

Figure 3.9c
(wmax,wmid,wmin) = (0.333,0.333,0.333) LHS-triangle.

Figure 3.9d
(wmax,wmid,wmin) = (0.001,0.009,0.99).