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2.5 Macintosh

There are two choices available for the Macintosh: Initialize Board, by Randy Sargent, and 6811 Downloader, by Fred Martin.

Initialize Board
features automatic programming of the CONFIG register, but only works with A series 6811's. It comes in two versions, one using the modem port and one using the printer port.

In order to get Initialize Board to use the Handy Board's pcode_hb.s19 file, one must edit its STR resources to name this file. Then using it is just a matter of double-clicking on the application icon.

6811 Downloader
features automatic recognition of both A and E series 6811's. In order to program the CONFIG register, one must select the ``download to EEPROM'' option and then download the config0c.s19 file.

6811 Downloader may be run by double-clicking on the application icon and selecting a file for download, or by dragging the file to be downloaded onto the appliation icon.

Fred G. Martin
Fri Mar 29 17:44:15 EST 1996