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9.2.2 Infrared Subsystem


The Handy Board provides an on-board infrared receiver (the Sharp IS1U60), for infrared input, and a 40 kHz modulation and power drive circuit, for infrared output. The output circuit requires an external infrared LED.

As of this writing, only the infrared receive function is officially supported. On the Handy Board web site, contributed software to extend the infrared functionality is available.

To use the infrared reception function, the file

sony-ir.icb must be loaded into Interactive C. This file may be added to the Handy Board default library file, lib_hb.lis. Please make sure that the file r22_ir.lis is not present in the lib_hb.lis file.

The sony-ir.icb file adds the capability of receiving infrared codes transmitted by a Sony remote, or a universal remote programmed to transmit Sony infrared codes.

Fred G. Martin
Fri Mar 29 17:44:15 EST 1996