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2.3 MS-DOS

Two downloaders are available for MS-DOS machines: dl, by Randy Sargent and dlm, by Fred Martin.

is compatible only with the A series of 6811, and automatically programs the CONFIG register. Type `` dl pcode_hb.s19'' at the MS-DOS prompt.

is compatible with both the A and E series of 6811, but does not automatically program the CONFIG register. Type `` dlm pcode_hb.s19 -256'' to download to an A series chip and `` dlm pcode_hb.s19 -512'' to download to an E series chip.

Neither dl nor dlm runs very well under Windows. It is generally necessary to run them from a full-screen DOS shell to get them to work at all. Under Windows, hbdl is recommended instead.

Fred G. Martin
Fri Mar 29 17:44:15 EST 1996