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1 Quick Start

Here are the steps to getting started with the Handy Board and Interactive C:

  1. Connect the Handy Board to the serial port of the host computer, using the separate Serial Interface board. The Serial Interface board connects to the host computer using a standard modem cable; the Handy Board connects to the Serial Interface using a standard 4--wire telephone cable.

  2. Put the Handy Board into bootstrap download mode, by holding down the STOP button while turning on system power. The pair of LED's by the two push buttons should light up, and then turn off. When power is on and both of the LED's are off, the Handy Board is in download mode.

  3. Run the appropriate downloader for the host computer platform, and download the file pcode_hb.s19.

  4. Turn the Handy Board off and then on, and the Interactive C welcome message should appear on the Handy Board's LCD screen.

  5. Run Interactive C.

Fred G. Martin
Fri Mar 29 17:44:15 EST 1996