Assembling the Handy Board
Version 1.2

Here are step-by-step assembly and testing instructions for building the Handy Board version 1.2.

These are ``incremental'' assembly/test instructions, meaning that for each assembly step there is a requisite testing step. This method will insure that the Handy Board is working properly at each step of the way, and should minimize debugging if there are any problems. The whole purpose of this assembly method is to eliminate cases where somebody builds a whole board and then says, ``It doesn't work, what's wrong?'' If these instructions are followed, then any problem conditions will be localized and debugging will be MUCH easier.

Technical support for the Handy Board is provided via the Yahoo! Handy Board discussion group. If you encounter any problems during the Handy Board assembly, please send a detailed message regarding your situation to this list. Explain which steps your Handy Board has passed, and at which step you are encountering a problem.

Again, it cannot be over-emphasized that it is better to ``nip a problem in the bud''---when it first occurs during assembly---than plowing on ahead. Do not go forward on the blind hope that the board will magically work when all the parts are installed. If your board does not pass a test step, please contact the users on the mailing list for assistance before proceeding. Everyone wants to get their board up and running as fast as possible, but patience and diligence are always rewarded during the assembly process.

Important Assembly Tips
Hardware and Software Assembly Tools
Interface/Charger Board
HB Power, Power Monitor, CPU, and Serial Line Circuitry
HB Memory Circuitry
HB Beeper & LCD Circuitry
HB Digital Input and Motor Output Circuitry
HB Analog Input, Infrared, and Expansion Header Circuitry
HB Fuse, Battery Wiring, and Final Assembly

Additionally there are two high resolution photographs of the completed boards. These are useful if you are not sure how a component is supposed to look when it's installed.

Interface/Charger Board, fully assembled
version 1.2 Handy Board, fully assembled with LCD removed for viewing.

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