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The Handy Board
The Handy Board is a 6811-based microcontroller system that lets you build mobile robots for educational, hobbyist, and industrial purposes. People use the Handy Board to run robot design courses and competitions at the university and high school level, build robots for fun, and control industrial devices. This site is the home page and resource center for users of the Handy Board.
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The Handy Cricket Is Here!!

The Cricket is a tiny robotics controller, that...
  • is much smaller than the Handy Board, weighing only a few ounces.
  • can control two motors and can accept two sensors, plus it has an expansion port for additional devices.
  • has a built-in infra-red port, so Crickets can communicate with each other.
  • is powered by four AA batteries.
  • is programmed using “Cricket Logo,” a version of the powerful, yet easy-to-learn Logo language.

Click here to enter HANDYBOARD.COM/CRICKET, the Cricket home page!

Robotic Explorations Cover Image

Fred's book is ready! After a long time in the works, Robotic Explorations: A Hands-on Introduction to Engineering is completed! The ISBN is 0130895687, please note the title has changed a little from an earlier listing (with a title “Art of Robotics”).

And, it's now in stock! The reprint is complete and Amazon and B&N both have stock:

(Please note: these links give me a little extra as an affiliate, so please use them if you like.)

Here is a link to a ZIP file containing all of the source code from the book. Also, for PowerPoint lecture notes, see the companion web site for the book hosted by Prentice-Hall.

(updated Wed Aug 27 12:11:51 2003)

The Handy Board is a 68HC11-based controller board designed for experimental mobile robotics work. MIT has licensed the Handy Board design at no charge for educational, research, and industrial use.

Please use the menu to the left to learn more about the Handy Board and see if it is right for your classroom, hobby, or professional application. If there is no menu of links to the left of this block of text, please use the Site Index to navigate the Handy Board site. Thank you.


Robotic Dreams is is a helpful blog by a new Handy Board user. (Sun May 10 11:32:45 2009)

This is a free eBay Sniper that I like. (Sun Aug 24 11:55:07 2008)

Active Robots is a new authorized vendor of Handy Boards located in the U.K. (Mon Aug 4 10:36:04 2003)

JBug11 by John Beatty is a Windows 32-bit monitor/debugger for 68HC11 MCU's. From John's site: “Its development was inspired by the difficulty of running PCbug11 on modern fast processors; and at the same time provide some of the features expected in a modern GUI environment, and one or two additional de-bugging tools.” (Mon Mar 4 12:39:49 2002)

IC Version 4 is released. Get it from http://www.kipr.org/ic/download/. Development work was sponsored by the KISS Institute For Practical Robotics, a non-profit educational organization. IC Version 4 is free to use, but donations are welcomed. (posted Sun Jan 27 20:19:05 2002)

Phil Putman compiled the freeware IC distribution for Mac OS X. Get it as a gzipped tar file. (posted Sun Jan 27 20:19:05 2002)

George Musser contributed improvements to the Sony IR routines, including a transmit routine. Get the ZIP file. (posted Mon Oct 22 18:56:54 2001)

Prentice-Hall has created a companion web site for Robotic Explorations. This has C code sources from the book and other good stuff, check it out. (Fri Aug 3 19:47:50 2001)

George Musser contributed an adaptation of Motorola's FFT (fast fourier transform) routines to Interactive C. Available are a ASM file and ICB file. (Wed Aug 1 00:08:20 2001)

handyboard.com has moved to a new web hosting firm. I have moved handyboard.com from jumpline.com to phpwebhosting.com. Hopefully there won't be big transition problems with this. If you are seeing this message, it's the new site. Write me if you care to know why I'm doing this. (Thu May 31 21:25:12 2001)

Doug Rinckes submitted excellent Vector 2x documentation and a program for long-range sonar readings. See the Software / Contributed page for links. (Mon Jan 29 17:04:10 2001)

The Handy Board Technical Reference is updated. Only minor changes: newer PCB artwork; URLs and vendors updated. Get it from the Docs page. (Wed Nov 15 13:36:14 2000)

The First Internet Robot Contest is presently accepting entries. Prizes include LEGO kits, a Handy Board, various other microcontroller boards, and more. If you've designed a cool robot and you want to document it, consider entering! The contest is open through November 30, 2000. (Sun Oct 29 16:39:41 2000)

The Handy Board web site has moved to handyboard.com! So far, the only substantive change is that the Handy Board FAQ is now dynamically served from a MySQL database. Please let me know if there are any broken links. (Fri Oct 27 14:46:30 2000)

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