General FAQs

  1. Can I have some quick-start information, please?

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    Where is the old Handy Board site?

  3. What is the Handy Board’s distribution license?

Hardware FAQs

  1. How can I use motors other than 9 volts?

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    How do I convert a standard DC motor to work with LEGO Technic?

  3. Rating: +3

    What motor driver chips can I use?

  4. What kinds of motors are compatible?

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    Where can I order parts to build the Handy Bug robot in Robotic Explorations?

  6. Rating: +323

    What is the difference between a DC motor and a servo motor?

  7. Rating: +17

    How do I use stepper motors?

  8. Does the Handy Board have any digital outputs?

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    How do I charge the Handy Board’s battery?

  10. My battery won’t charge.

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    What are the specifications of the Handy Board’s DC adapter?

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    I’m measuring the voltage on my adapter, and it says 18 volts. Is this normal?

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    The R11 on my Interface/Charger board is smoking hot and is turning black!

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    What kind of RJ11 cable do I use to connect from my Serial Interface Board to the Handy Board?

Software FAQs

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    What software should I use with the Handy Board?

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    I plan to use assembly language with the Handy Board. What is the memory map of the Handy Board 6811 system?