Can I have some quick-start information, please?

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Yes, of course! Here’s how to get started using your Handy Board:


1. Attach the Handy Board’s separate Interface board to your host computer.

There are 3 possibilities here:

If using Serial Handy Board Interface. Connect the Serial Interface board to the host computer using a standard 9-pin to 25-pin modem cable.

If using Serial Interface with USB-serial adapter. Use a USB-Serial adapter cable if your computer does not have a serial port. Install the drivers for the adapter cable if necessary.

If using USB Handy Board Interface. Install “virtual COM port” drivers from FTDI, then plug in the Interface.

Using a wall adapter, attach power to the Serial Interface board. The board’s Red PWR LED should light up.

Connect the Handy Board to the Serial Interface using a standard 4–wire telephone cable.


2. Initialize the board by downloading the firmware for Interactive C.

Here are the steps:

Launch Interactive C version 4.x or higher, from the KISS Institute.

Select Handy Board from the Controller Type dialog.

Choose Connect Later from the Communications Dialog.

Choose Download Firmware from the Tools menu. Select the proper serial port, click Download Firmware, and follow the on-screen instructions.

In this step, you will put the Handy Board into a special bootstrap download mode, by holding down the Stop button while turning on system power. The pair of LED’s by the two push buttons should light up, and then turn off. When power is on and both of the LED’s are off, the Handy Board is in download mode.


3. After the firmware is downloaded, the Handy Board should beep, and the Interactive C welcome message should appear on the Handy Board’s LCD screen.

You are ready to use Interactive C.