Announcing the Handy Cricket 1.1!


The Handy Cricket 1.1 is now available, providing a number of improved features from the Handy Cricket 1.0:

  • The power supply circuit now provides isolation between the logic and motor circuits, allowing the Cricket to operate better with noisy motors. (The main power source of 4AA cells is unchanged.)
  • All LEDs are surface-mounted for greater mechanical reliability.
  • The yellow-orange IR transmit indicator LED is now much brighter, allowing you to more easily see when your Cricket is communicating.
  • The motor outputs have bypass capacitors installed directly on the board. It's often no longer necessary to install them on the motors themselves.

(As with the earlier Cricket, the Handy Cricket 1.1 provides two DC motor outputs, two 8-bit analog sensor inputs, two expansion bus connectors, infrared communications, a piezo beeper, a run/stop pushbutton, 4096 bytes of user program/data memory, and the PIC-based Cricket operating system.)

Gleason Research has stock of the new Cricket design and is shipping the Handy Cricket 1.1 with all Cricket orders.

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