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91.548 Meeting 13: Course Review

What We Did This Semester

  • week 1. intro to the HB; code that talks to the D/A, understanding FPGA boot process; started control engineering discussion.
  • week 2. pink/white noise; PID control.
  • week 3. intro to FPGA's and Xilink WebPack software.
  • week 4. more discussion on feedback systems; intro to the laser cutter.
  • week 5. discussion of robot behavior; intro to Analog's VDK kernel.
  • week 6. invited lecture on LabVIEW Embedded.
  • week 7. fred's tutorial on LabVIEW Embedded.
  • week 8. intro to machine vision; color spaces.
  • week 9. Botfest proposal presentations.
  • week 10. invited lectures on Reviving Seminal Microprocessor Technologies.
  • Botfest on Saturday, April 8.
  • week 11. DARPA grand challenge video & discussion.
  • week 12. academic paper critique.
  • week 13. this week - review.
  • week 14. final project presentations.



Assignments Given

  • week 1. initial description of mech feedback system; LED on/off loop code; beep code
  • week 2. revised description of feedback system; pink or white noise generator; basic sensors with HB; quadrature sensor and feedback position control on HB.
  • week 3. some kind of FPGA project.
  • week 4. short research paper on servo-mech system; laser cutter project.
  • week 5. VDK project; short summary/synthesis of two robot control research papers; inventionDB.com presence.
  • week 7. a LabVIEW Embedded project.
  • week 8. some kind of vision project; project plan for Botfest.
  • weeks 9 through 10. work on Botfest projects.
  • weeks 11 through end. work on final projects.
  • week 12. assignment of 3 page final paper in CHI format.



What's Due By End of Semester

  1. some appropriate subset of weeks 1 - 8 assignments.
  2. a web presence for your final project, preferably on inventiondb.com.
  3. a PPT style presentation for next week. This will be given in class by each group, so it must be ready by May 10. The PPT (or equivalent) itself must be available at your project's web site no later than May 17.
  4. the 3 page CHI-format paper. These can be co-authored (and should be so for group projects). This paper should be posted to your project's web site no later than May 17. This paper should have high style points – i.e., please edit it well: use correct spelling and grammar, and make it look nice. You can find the CHI formatting guidelines online.
  5. also: a 2-3 page essay that should focus on two things: (a) what you have personally gotten out of this class, learning-wise (what worked? what didn't? what are you now interested in that you didn't know about before?) and (b) what you personally have worked on/contributed to over the course of the semester. This must be prepared individually. I am much less interested in the spelling/grammar/formatting of this paper than the content. (That is, the content matters and the other stuff doesn't.)

How to turn in. The individual essay should be emailed to me no later than May 17, along with a URL to your project's web site. Items 3 (the PPT) and 4 (the paper) should not be emailed to me, because they should be there on your project's site.

Other material can be emailed to me as necessary.

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