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91.548 Lab 6: Mobile Robot Programming using LabVIEW Embedded for Blackfin

due March 8

The objective this week is to learn how to use LabVIEW Embedded for Blackfin.

Research/Writing Assignment


Implementation Project

It is assumed that when starting this assignment, you have:

  • A robot base capable of carrying around the Blackfin Handy Board.

  • Some sensors mounted on the base.

  • A multi-threaded VDK program that causes your robot to do something more or less interesting.

  • A documentation of this design on inventionDB.com.

  • A pointer to your inventionDB “cubeid” URL, posted to the course Wiki, Lab5InventionDBLinks page.

For this week:

  1. Re-implement your robot's behavior as a LabVIEW program.

  2. Upload the LabVIEW program to your robot's inventionDB entry in source form.

  3. Use the inventionDB's weblog entry to upload a graphic image of your LabVIEW program screen, and explain how it works.

Note: people can/should collaborate on this — the inventionDB allows multiple authors on a single project. Make sure all contributors are listed as authors of the inventionDB project page.

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