MCP robot

MCP Computer


1. Hardware

The MCP's main logic is contained within an on-board Mini-ITX computer with a VIA x86 processor, a 40 GB notebook hard drive. The motherboard has a built built-in video. Power provided by an on-board 12V lead-acid battery.

The MCP has a built-in sound adapter which outputs to Boston Acoustic speakers.

In order to provide connectivity to several of the MCP's serial-based devices, there is an Edgeport adapter that provides 8 serial connections to one USB connector on the motherboard.

Network connectivity comes from a wireless adapter that connects to a USB port.

2. Operating System

The MCP runs Debian GNU/Linux (Sarge) with a 2.6 kernel. Installation was performed by Jeff Rousseau.

Updated 2005-05-22
Yan Tran

Summary:  The MCP is powered by a Linux computer.
Developed by students of the Engaging Computing Group in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Massachusetts Lowell