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91.548 Final Writeup


  • For the MCP Robot projects, here is who is writing up which section:
    • Sign Kareem
    • Power Schuyler
    • GPS Yan
    • Steering Vic and Zeb
    • Rear Wheel Drive Kyewook
    • CPU Yan
    • Compass ??
    • Sonar Brian
    • Audio Yan – festival and mp3 player
    • Vision Kyewook
    • Master Program Yan

  • To submit the writeup, make a directory named by your UML-CS login name in the following directory:

    Then, put all files associated with your project in that directory. Name the primary HTML file index.html.

    Important: Please put all files associated with your project in this folder. Include all project source code, PCB board files, and any files associated with the production of the documentation.

    This latter category (documentation) includes the source XML file and any graphics files. Note that if you use a program like Illustrator to create graphics, include the Illustrator source file along with the web-viewable JPG or PNG output file.

  • We are using an XML format which can be converted into HTML and other output formats. This will allow us to have a good web site and also to have printed output for the IGVC contest.

    • The starter package of files is here. It produces output that looks like this.

    • You will edit the file 548template.xml, so start off by copying it into a new file with your user or project name.

    • After editing, you can check it for syntactical correctness using xmllint -noout 548template.xml. (The xmllint utility is installed on Mercury.) If you get no output, that is good.

    • To build an HTML page based on this XML file, type (on Mercury) xsltproc --novalid guide.xsl 548template.xml > index.html

    • See more info at http://www.gentoo.org/doc/en/xml-guide.xml.

    • When you are done, upload everything to your own directory in /usr/cs/fac4/fredm/548/student/ as noted above.

  • Write-ups should focus on documenting what now exists. You may also have a future-plans section. Writeups should have the following sections:

    • Introduction. Statement of what is being documented in this section. Also lists people involved in this piece of the work, including people from prior semesters (check with Fred if you are not sure).

    • Overview. Thumbnail description of the subsystem being documented.

    • Main Discussion. Detailed presentation of the design, including block diagrams, electrical schematics, code excerpts, and discussion.

    • Interface. For subsystems that provide services to others, documentation of how those services are accessed.

    • Appendix. Links to current/latest full sources.

    • To-Do List. How this piece of the design can be improved.

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