Brenden and Bob’s 91.548 RoboTank Page


  We show how to create an inexpensive robotic platform that demonstrates
a few key issues that Urban Search and Rescue operators have to deal with.  
This system is a good way to show what it is like to see things from the 
robot's perspective.  This platform consists of a radio controlled tank, a wire
less video system, a distance sensor, and weighted motors which are added to 
the tank's remote control.   
	By using this robot tank system we hope to demonstrate two issues.  
First we wanted give users an actual working model to provide a feel of what it
is like to teleoperate a robot in hazardous and non-hazardous environments.  
This will illustrate to the user that this is a very difficult task.  Secondly
we wanted to show that having sensors, along with the live video, makes it 
easier to control the robot and leads to better results.
  1. RoboTank Paper - MSWord Open Office 1.0
  2. Controller Receiver's LOGO Source Code
  3. RoboTank Transmitter's LOGO Source Code