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91.548 Meeting 9: Motion Control

This week and next, we will looking at feedback systems and motion control.

I will be procuring a number of Gamatronix “Gamoto” PID motor control boards, along with motors that have built-in shaft encoders. (Note: for reasons that are not yet understood, the gamatronix.com web site does not work from the computer in the Engaging Computing Lab.)

Your task: design a mechanical system that uses the Gamoto board and a motor with quadrature encoder feedback. Look at the “Art of Motion Control” site (link below) for inspiration.

Use the Handy Cricket or a serial connection from a PC to talk to the Gamoto board. Play with PID control parameters, and get your system to demonstrate control problems like overshoot, damped oscillation, and (if it’s not dangerout) un-damped oscillation. Figure out a way to capture this data, and make graphs showing position-vs-time that demonstrate these modes (Gamatronix’ “Moto-View” software may be helpful).

Then get your system to reach a target without these problems.

Report on your work in a printed write-up. Include graphs. Describe what you have learned about motion control.

Motion Control projects are due Thursday, April 22.


Motion Control links:

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