91.548 - Robotics I

Technology Presentation:  MaGIC

John Watson (jwatson@cs.uml.edu)

MaGIC:  Media-accelerated Global Information Carrier


  1. Enhanced real-time digital audio
  2. Interoperability
  3. Complete digital solution
  4. Simple installation & ease of use

MaGIC has a 3-layer protocol stack:

  1. Physical Layer:  compatible with IEEE 802.3 Ethernet physical layer.
  2. Data Link Layer:  as defined by IEEE 802.3 Ethernet protocol.
  3. MaGIC Application Layer:  uses link layer frames to encapsulate MaGIC-specific information into packets. The application layer is independent of the lower layers.

MaGIC currently rides on top of 100-Megabit ethernet


Example Application

The ADC must be as fast as possible to reduce latency