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91.548 Project Plan 1

due March 17


For this assignment you are to produce a detailed plan for your March 29 Botfest project demonstration.

Your plan should give the reader a clear sense of what you are going to build. Use the narrative form to describe your goal. Then break down the goal into crucial sub-goals and describe each of these components.

The resulting write-up should be 3 to 5 pages in length and should include:

  • Project Title. Every good project needs a good title—be creative! Don't go overboard on the acronyms, though.

  • Project Description. Detailed description of the overall project. It should be very clear what you are planning to build and what it will do.

  • Sub-Goals. Indicate what the significant sub-components of the project are.

  • Schedule. Detail the specific date milestones of each of these sub-components. You should be hitting specific targets each week from now through the end of the month. Make sure to work backward from the March 29 deadline to demonstrate what you are planning is feasible in the time that is left.

  • Integration Plan. Explain how each piece is going to come together into the whole. Make sure to leave time for this!

  • Bill of Materials. List all of the hardware and other physical material you will need, and figure out where you are going to get it. If you need anything to be special ordered, decide it out now! As I have stated before, I am happy to buy stuff for your project. But I don't want to be paying rush shipping.

  • Supporting Material. Include drawings, schematics, and/or pseudo-code as appropriate.

The plan should be posted to your area of the class web site no later than Monday, March 17.

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