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91.548 Lab 5: LogoChip Bus Communications

due February 27


As previously discussed (in class and by email on Feb 19), the current task is to take whatever demo you are working on it bus-enable it, so that the Handy Cricket can use your project as a bus device.

The main course LogoChip page discusses important implementation details.

This time, I would like to you submit your written work in web-ready format. This means you should prepare an HTML file with linked GIF and/or JPG images (*). I will post the project descriptions on the course web site to be a resource for the class.

Your report should contain enough detail for anyone in the class to readily reproduce your design. You should have:

  • a written description of what you built and how it works
  • electrical schematics of the circuit
  • code listings for the code running on the LogoChip
  • code listings for the code running on the Handy Cricket which communicates the LogoChip-based project.
Additionally, for group projects:
  • the specific contributions each member made to the project

When you have the set of material ready, put it into a file archive (either .zip or .tar.Z or .tar.gz) and email to Fred. Please create just one HTML file; you can have as many linked images as you need.

(*) I have a flatbed scanner in my office that I can bring to the lab if people need to scan pencil drawings. I would prefer that you do this than spend tons of time drawing stuff electronically.

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