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91.548 Assignment 4: Project Ideas

due Monday, February 24


For this assignment, please propose three different project concepts for the March 29 Botfest exhibition.

More details:

  1. Be creative: you don't have to be wedded to the three ideas. You can choose something else entirely later.

  2. Prepare your write-up individually, even if you know who you'll be working with. I'd prefer if you did not specifically discuss ideas with your partners for this assignment—variety is good here.

  3. Rather than turning in hard copy, post your concepts in the Assignment 4 thread on the ikonboard system. (You may have to create yourself an account first.)

  4. Try to come up with ideas that haven't already been posted!

  5. Please write one to three paragraphs per idea. If you're feeling creative, don't feel the need to stop at three.

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