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91.450 Contest Writeup Due Mon Nov 22

The contest writeup should:
  • describe your robot in detail
  • include separate sections on each sub-system
  • have a section on the overall strategy
  • present the code that implements this strategy. make sure code is formatted in a mono-spaced font (e.g., Courier).
  • have photos and diagrams illustrating key pieces
  • include a “post-mortem” of your robot's contest performance
  • be well-written with good English and grammar
  • deliver as a Word file w/pics – here is the style sheet you should use.
  • include a large photo on cover page – this will be reproduced in color in report compendium.

See the Chanler/Pantazopoulos report on Angus as an example of an excellent writeup.

Final Project proposals due Fri Nov 19

  • a 1- to 2-page discussion of what you'd like to build
  • what special resources you might require
  • who you will be working with


  • de-brief on collab w/art students
  • lab cleanup & LEGO sorting
  • Hogan/Wooding visit Fri Nov 19 !!!!!


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