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Software Resources

This page gives pointers to software used in the course.

Mic-1 Simulation Tool Set

The Mic-1 home page is http://www.ontko.com/mic1/.

For your convenience, here are the two distribution files for the Mic-1 tools:


Terminal Emulators

Terminal emulators are used to provide a text interface to a serial port.

OS Program
Windows HyperTerminal
Linux minicom
Macintosh ZTerm


as6811 Assembler

We will use the open-source as6811 assembler, which is part of the larger “asxxxx” package distributed by Alan R. Baldwin of Kent State University, Ohio. The main site for the assembler is http://shop-pdp.kent.edu/ashtml/asxxxx.htm, which, scarily enough, is an ancient DEC PDP-11 with 2 megs of RAM and 320 MB hard drive. As you might expect, it's a bit slow, so you may want to grab the software from our local copy here at UML.


68HC11 Links

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