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due Wed, Nov 27

Problem 1.

On page 258 of the text, Tanenbaum shows how the microcode for the swap instruction is rewritten into a series of microsteps, enabling it to run on the pipelined Mic-3 machine.

Based the discussion in the text and this example, create a microstepped table for the iadd instruction. Use the Mic-2 control store definition as a source (pages 254–255).

Problem 2.

Per above, create the microstep table for the istore instruction.

Problem 3.

Based on your two designs, illustrate how the following IJVM code works its way through the Mic-3:

istore 0

How many cycles does this take? Based on the discussion of the speed of the pipelined Mic-3 vs. the Mic-2, how much faster will this two-instruction sequence be?

Problem 4.

Answer question 26 on page 301.

Problem 5.

Answer question 30 on page 302.

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