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Striving through individual assignments and projects to achieve a high degree of scholarship in preparation for good citizenship and leadership in society.
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91.101 Computing I
 91.102 Computing II
CAPS Research Group
91.350 Topics: Excursions into Computer Science
91.405 Parallel Processing

 Compilers, Algorithms, and Parallel Systems Research Group

Jim Canning, Director

A Call for Students

The Compilers, Algorithms, and Parallel Systems Research Group (CAPS) invites interested undergraduate and masters candidates to join.  Students should be interested in creating
a thesis. This would involve a year long interaction that would culminate in three things: (1) a thesis,  (2) a defense in front of a small committee of faculty, and (3) a submission of an article for publication in a referreed conference. Along the way, students may be asked to read books, watch movies, make short presentations, write small essays, answer Jim's trivia, and some other quirky things. If this sounds interesting to you - please contact Jim Canning.

Current List of Students

    Nat Tuck, A post qualifier, pre-proposal Ph.D student. Nat is developing his Bacon Programming Environment.

Possible Projects

    1) Understanding, Implementing, and Evaluating the first five NAS Parallel Benchmarks.
    2) Implementing a Multi-Tape Turing Machine to Perform Very Fast Integer Multiplication.
    3) Stereovision Made Simple
    4) I Really Do Understand Divide and Conquer, the Greedy Method, and Dynamic Programming
    5) Branch and Bound is for Me!
    6) An Investigation into Pattern Matching Algorithms: Naive, Knuth-Morris-Pratt, Boyer Moore, and Beyond
    7) Implementing an Optimized Parallel Bitonic Sort
    8) 2D and 3D Convex Hulls are Us!
    9) Eigenvalues are Fun!
  10) Multigrid or Bust
  11) 1D, 2D, and 3D Fast Fourier Transforms: Sequential and Parallel

If you are interested in becoming a member of this group, please email and/or stop by Olsen 231.