Updating Our Website

This page contains a list of things that need to be done to update our website. If you are going to make one of these fixes, add your name as the assigned field of that item so that two people don't try to do the same update. Also look at what other people are working on to make sure you both are not editing the same page at the same time. For example there are multiple entries below to update text on the research page. Once you are done with the update, remove it from the list and add an entry to the top of the Change Log.


Remember to set content ( html, pdf, jpg, mpg, ... ) permissions to 664 so that they are group readable and writeable. Right now their are a ton of broken permissions. Such as html pages that are set as executable and some things that are set to 777. And for directories use 771. This will prevent people from getting directory listings of our page, but if there is a directory that you want to allow the listing, set the permissions to 775.

Webpage Todo List

Date Added Assigned To Description
2007-01-31 Update Awards page with content generated for Holly's tenure case.
2007-01-30 Create a seperate phission page with images and video demos as well as more text. Use info from HRI brochure.
2007-01-24 Organize and show off the gallery page better. (I noticed the thumbnails are really scaled 700+k i mages. That needs to change. -Matt)
2007-01-24 Add Robot Architecture text to research page. ( Please add more info. Is this referring to munjal's work? )
2007-01-24 Update Outreach Page as follows: I'd like to seem some images of the Artbotics projects and students; I'll put these in the shared used directory on the G5. Link should be changed to artbotics.org (yeah, I know it redirects to cs.uml.edu, but I think it's more professional) I think we should call out Botball, Botfest, and Teacher Workshops under K-12 Partnerships. Maybe some images too. Have them linked to subsections of http://www.cs.uml.edu/k12 or perhaps botball.org and botfest.org
2007-01-24 Update Courses Page Still need pictures for current classes. I (andrew) found some hidden content that we can expose some where. it includes old class projects and botball stuff:
These pages need to be removed or their content should be placed in the correct locations.

Webpage Change Log

Date Completed Author Description
2007-01-30 Andrew Fixed spelling on a lot of pages. Also removed a couple broken links.
2007-01-30 Andrew Added link to Our Robots on the main homepage. Also fixed the title so that it stretches across the top of the page instead of wrapping in the left column.
2007-01-30 Andrew Added info about the ARM project to the research page. I used text from the AT brochure. Also Added link to Exact Dynamics.
2007-01-30 Andrew Added a blurb about phission on the research page.
2007-01-25 Matt Updated the papers page. Added navigation by year at top. Added link to pics and media text at top.
2007-01-25 Matt Updated the Publications Page page to include links to years along top of page. Also fixed the permissions and ownership.
2007-01-24 Andrew/Matt Updated the Courses Page so that it has current and past pages that can be navigated to on the context menu. Added blubs from the class syllabases. Also removed OPL. Fixed tags for Course to h2 tags.
2007-01-24 Andrew Created this todo webpage.