Our Robots



Junior is an ATRVJr research platform that was manufactured by i-Robot. We use Junior in our Urban Search and Rescue interface research. We have made the following hardware and software modifications to Junior:

  • Front and Back Canon VC-C4 PTZ Cameras
  • FLIR Thermal Imager
  • Carbon Dioxide Sensor
  • 802.11a/g Wireless
  • Software control of 12 Volt devices
  • 2.8Ghz Pentium 4 with 1GB of SDRAM
  • 4-port Simultaneous Framegrabber
  • Linux Kernel 2.6.11



Wheely is a power wheelchair that was originally used by Holly Yanco during her PhD. research. We replaced the original Motorola 68332 with a full Pentium 4 2.8Ghz Mini-ITX PC. We also upgraded the motor control to a RoboteQ AX2850 with high resolution optical encoders. We are currently researching Stereo Vision SLAM on Wheely.



Morpheus is a Pioneer 3 robot which was manufactured by MobileRobots ( formally ActivMedia ). He is a standard Pentium 3 Linux box with a full sonar ring, SICK laser, and a Canon VC-C4 PTZ camera. He is currently being used for studying levels of autonomy.


thumbs/trinity.jpg Trinity is a Pioneer 2 robot. She is very similar to Morpheus. We primarily use her for the graduate Mobile Robotics class and the undergraduate Robotics 2 class.

Personal Exploration Rover

thumbs/per.jpg The PER ( Personal Exploration Rover ) was created at CMU. It is a simple replica of a Mars Rover used by NASA. It has an infrared distance sensor and USB-CAM mounted to a pan-tilt head for sensing the environment. Its brain is a Stargate Gateway SPB400 embedded Linux system.


thumbs/roomba-fleet.jpg This fleet of Roomba robots help keep the carpets in our lab clean. The white one is programmable.