• 91.451: Robotics II (undergraduate)

    In this course, you will learn about autonomous mobile robots and artificial intelligence. There will be lectures on Tuesdays and labs on Thursdays. The focus of the course will be AI Robotics. We will learn about computer vision, machine learning, planning and mapping, and multi-agent robotics.

    The course will use the Blackfin Handy Board, programmed in C/C++. The first project of the course will be the design and implementation of a robot for the Trinity Robot Firefighting Competition. The second project will be the creation of a new home robot using a Roomba as the platform.

  • 91.549: Mobile Robotics (graduate)

    In this course, we will focus on artificial intelligence for mobile robots, looking at robotics from the software side (as opposed to the hardware side as in 91.548). Topics to be covered include robot architectures, vision, machine learning, mapping and localization, human-robot interaction, and multi-agent robotics.

    The course will draw upon research papers (both recent and historical) for learning about these topics. Each week, you will read 3-5 research papers each week on a particular topic. These papers will form the basis for class discussion of the topic.