svn import -m "MESSAGE" /path/to/YOURPROJECT svn+ssh://

	IMPORTs a new project into the repository.

svn checkout svn+ssh:// DEST

	CHECKOUT an existing project from the repository.	(default destination is .)

svn update /path/to/YOURPROJECT

	UPDATE makes sure you have the latest version from the SVN server.

svn commit /path/to/YOURPROJECT

	COMMITs the project back from whence it came.  This will be the new latest version.  Make sure it works.

svn merge -r 23:30 svn+ssh://

	MERGES revisions 23 and 30 of a file or project into a new version.  
	It can also be used on local files, if they are tracked by SVN:
		svn merge -r 29:31 ./myproject/file.txt

svn delete -m "MESSAGE" svn+ssh://

	DELETE a project from the repository.

Many of these commands have an optional -m message switch. If you don't provide this, you'll be prompted for the message by an annoying emacs window.

If there's something else you're trying to make the SVN server do, you can find out how at:

If you're a Windows person, use the TortoiseSVN GUI instead of the command line.