These are listed in reverse-chronological order (that is, newest at the top).

Monday, September 10

Read the first two chapters (chapters 0 and 1 :-) of Dreaming in Code.

Friday, September 7

From The Mythical Man-Month, read the two prefaces and chapters 1 and 2—“The Tar Pit” and “The Mythical Man-Month.” As you read, keep in mind that these essays were written about work done 40 years ago, when the IBM System 360 was being developed in the 1960s.

From “tar pit”—do you agree with the description of the character / personal mood of programmers? Does this describe you?

As to the “mythical man-month”—what is the largest software project you have worked on (in terms of the number of people involved)? How did you handle the coordination costs?

Write 2 to 3 paragraphs on each of these questions, to be turned in at end of class on Friday.