These are listed in reverse-chronological order.

Assignment 3 – Wednesday, September 12.

  • There is no reading assignment.
  • Play several games and describe taxonomy of gaming -- e.g., real time, strategy, types of interfaces, # players, etc. Bring in <= 1 page of notes describing your thoughts.

Assignment 2 - Monday, September 10

  1. Continue with iJava, completing Chapter 4 (Looping and Conditions) and Chapter 5 (Methods). Do the programming problems, too.

Assignment 1 - Friday, September 7

  1. Log into your iJava account and complete the first four chapters. That is, chapters 0 through 3. Do the programming problems in chapters 1 through 3.
  2. Set up some kind of environment where you can compile and run Java programs. This could be a simple as logging into your Mercury account, compiling files with javac, and running them with java.