From in-class discussion on 14 Sept:

For reference on game genres, please refer to the Wikipedia page.

Real Time versus Turn Based

  • Real time games are simulated continuously in such a manner that events that determine the outcome of the game are constantly evaluated.
  • Turn Based games often present the player with a list of possible actions. The player chooses one action and then waits for the computer player or another player to take their turn. The outcome of the game is typically (although not always) determined at the end of, or between, turns.
  • There are many types of games that use a combination of these two game making strategies.

Characters and Sprites or Not

  • Some games have a character or sprite that is associated with the player. The player's actions typically guide the character through the game.
  • Text based games and puzzle games typically do not have characters or sprites to represent a player within the fantasy setting of the game.

Simulations versus Fantasy

  • Games such as Microsoft Flight Simulator, Gran Turismo, and some sports games pay close attention to detail. Players are encouraged to respond to in-game events as they would to real-life events. Physics and in-game details often extremely closely resemble those found in real life.
  • In contrast to the games mentioned above, games like some combat flights ims, Mario Kart, and Wii Sports pay almost no attention to realistically simulating real life. They are just as fun as the games above, but they are fun in a different way. They encourage players to do things they could not otherwise do in real life.
  • Some rhythm games such as the popular Guitar Hero series, attempts to mimic the actions of playing a guitar. However the game doesn't actually help players learn real guitar playing mechanics. On the flip side, a game such as Drum Hero (or the upcoming Rock Band) where the drum mechanics are much closer to an actual drum kit may lend players experience towards using the real McCoy.

Custom UI Hardware

  • Some games include custom hardware for their users. Typically this hardware is used to enhance gameplay so that the game more closely resembles real life.
  • Custom UI hardware has become increasingly popular over the last few years with the release of games such as Guitar Hero, Drum Mania, and of course the Nintendo Wii.
  • Examples of older games with custom UI hardware include Duck Hunt and Time Crisis

Tactical versus Strategic

  • In a strategic game you directly control your units.
  • In a tactical game it is all about planning ahead of time and macro management.