• Visual based game.

Separate keys would produce specific images on the screen, for instance circles and squares, etc... The objects would appear in random spots on the screen and in a variety of colors. Once a shape has been committed to the screen it remains there until the screen is cleared. Shapes would appear as an outline or filled in with color as well as be able to overlap each other. There would also be some type of sound that occurs specific to each shape that plays whenever the shape is displayed on the screen.

  • Puzzle game.

A version of Tetris for students who have stronger cognitive and physical abilities.


>Sports based game One of my ideas was to make a game for the older kids at the school that we heard about. The older kids need content that is more for their age group. Sports games would be a good because the content could be used for all ages, but is not directed toward a younger group. One of my ideas was a football type game where the player would run down the field using two buttons, avoiding the defense. Once the player reaches the end of each level they could be brought to a new screen where they could kick the ball through the uprights or try to run again to get a touch down. A similar game could be adapted for soccer or hockey without much change in the code.

>TicTacToe Another idea that I had was to make a tictactoe game where the user could have animated pictures instead of x's and o's. If the game were too hard with actual problem solving, the brain of the game could be turned off and the places that the computer picks could be chosen at random.

>Drawing game The user would be able to select from predefined shapes and pictures and be able to distort or draw on that picture and change colors.


>Virtual World A simple virtual world where they can interact with each other in some way, similar to webkins but a more appropriate age target.

>Puzzle Game A puzzle game of some kind, actuall I have exactly what Im thinking of as an idea and working on fleshing it out and hope to have a rough demo of it by friday or next week, look forward to it.

>Party Game A mini game compilation game, with both competitive and cooperative mini games, each game could be written by someone while someone could be responsible for the main interface and someone else would be responsible for standardizing both graphics and controls so consistency is felt, a great template for good OO design.


  • Multiplayer Space Invaders.

A version of the classic space invaders game where either multiple players controlled ships fighting the alien waves, or multiple people controlled a single ship (one player is movement, another is firing). Alternate settings for alien wave behavior (the normal "speed up when more ships are blow up" vs a slower, deliberate speed for less inclined players) would be included.

  • Box Animation Game

A simple game where a single input causes blocks to appear on the screen, linking up in a dominos fashion. Different types of blocks and sizes appear based on the timing of the user's input.


  • Cooperative snake

Standard Snake clone with either 1) two separate snakes controlled by two different players, working towards a common goal; or 2) a single snake controlled by two players. For option (2), control of the snake would switch from player to player randomly, so players would need to pay attention.

  • Theseus and the Minotaur

An implementation of the Theseus and the Minotaur series of logic mazes, for older kids who can put some thought into their strategy. Controls would include the four arrow keys, plus a button to "hold" and let the minotaur move. An implementation of the game already exists in Java and can be found at this website.

  • Miniature Golf

Miniature golf game with a high scores list stored on a web server. There would be multiple levels, score keeping, colorful environments, and cool sounds. Kids could either play single-player or with a partner/adversary. The control may be as simple as one key to rotate the club and one key to hit the golf ball. The strength of your swing may be controlled by the amount of time the "fire" button is held down. If mouse-based input is an option, mouse movement could control the direction of the club, and a click/drag/release action could control the swing itself.


  • Thor's Wrath

The player plays as Thor, god of thunder. Little "badguys" will try to run from the left side of the screen to the right. A click on the mouse will make Thor throw his hammer at the character and "smite" him. There will be a certain threshold for when to press the button and smite the enemies. The badguys will track slowly enough for the students to be able to react. Settings such as running speed and threshold will be adjustable by the teacher.

  • Mural

The player plays as a Cave Painting Buffalo and tries to escape the Cave Painting Cavemen. Clicking the button will cause the creature to charge. Time it right and you can knock the hunters over.