• S3 no longer used due to implementation issues and general difficulty working with.
  • Drag and drop handlers have been changed to use a mouse (x,y) style for smoother transitions.
  • Added the ability to insert images from flicker and size them before inserting them.
  • Interface has been cleaned up and made to look more appealing as well as provide easier functionality for customer.

Points of irritation:

  • S3 was becoming a show stopper for me so it was dropped in favor of a simpler design.
  • Image resizing is ultimately flawed, pictures are becoming heavily pixelated.
  • Next to no actual progress on implementing saving features.
  • SVN has become troublesome and will no longer let me update my own project folders.
  • Sound files.
  • List population.
  • Loading files from local system.
  • Test images will no longer load, reason unknown.