Some quick notes

  • Basics for the entire application are implemented. Drag drop has been tightened up to for more accurate dragging and dropping.
  • Multiple images have been added to illustrate that creation hierarchy determines layering order as well as to demonstrate interactions between objects.
  • A color picker is present to change the background color of the work area.
  • A list control has been put in it's place bellow the color picker but has yet to be populated due to issues with Flex's images.
  • I have yet to find a way to change the editors window at run time also, all documentation points to this will not be possible but I am considering alternate methods.
  • The Sound controls work but there is currently an error, do not press the play button more then once because the stop button only stops the most recent instance of the song, the others will persist.

Points of annoyance

  • Not being able to change a background image.
  • Flexes Image class can be touchy, embed statements can't seem to be parametrized.
  • Images MUST be saved as .png or .gif, changing the file type on the file name doesn't change the actual file type even though it changes how it opens and with what.
  • Image size can be touchy.