Panda Release Notes

Some quick notes

  • Again used mostly Tom's code to get mine to work.
  • Changed it so that the sound buttons are not movable.
  • Need to click on the sets tab first than go back to the props and everything will be there.
    • I am trying to fix that.
  • Still don't have the bucket list working
    • I hope to have that working in the final Release.
    • Same with Uploading.

Points of annoyance

  • My bucket is showing a place holder for items that are really not there.
    • Don't know how to fix that.
  • Having trouble with backgrounds.
    • I got it to work so that the background stays put, but I cannot get it to fit to the screen.
  • I had Clear Screen working fine, but I was fooling around with it and I forgot to fix it.
    • I fixed it in the source, but I am not going to bother uploading the swf again.