Final Release Notes

Some quick notes

  • Again used mostly Tom's code to get mine to work.
  • Changed size of project to 1024 X 768
  • Backgrounds don't completely fill the screen.
    • What ever edge it stops at first is where it will stop.
    • Works best with squares or rectangles that are longer horizontal.
  • Hard Coded Theater Student's bucket in source code.
  • Got uploading to work.

Points of annoyance

  • I did not get a chance to fix the problem with two directories from the bucket showing up at the same time.
    • Theater Student did not give me any sounds so I did not take that much time trying to fix that.
  • If you insert a Set after some props it will go over all of the props.
    • Make sure that sets goes on first.
  • If you make a mistake you have to clear the screen and start all over again.