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Mon Mar 23

Wed Mar 11

  • discussed http://www.joelonsoftware.com/items/2009/03/09.html
  • talked about two ways of approach feature-freeze.
    • optimistic: pack in lots of broken features before the freeze. use develop time after freeze to fix them.
    • conservative: thoughtfully remove features until you have a coherent design.

Mon Mar 9

  • handed back quizzes to those present
  • made a Attach:crossdomain.xml that allows connections from anywhere -- upload this to your bucket -- this will allow you to work from your own desktop, regardless of where you are
  • modeled the process of removing features to make a coherent design with Brian's alpha2; you guys should be doing this at the end of this week, when you enter feature-freeze mode
  • see whiteboard notes below for things to do (including to your own projects) — right-click and open in new tab or window to enlarge

Fri Mar 6

  • Flex MP3 encoder is finicky
    • use LAME encoder; constant bit-rate MP3s seem to work (e.g., 128 kb/s)
    • some MP3s fail on build
    • some MP3s build but then don't work (this is truly evil)
  • See John's SVN for examples of proper usage of branches, tags, and trunk
  • resize projects to fit on 1024x768 screen
  • start using Theater students' media
  • make sure to do release notes with releases
  • there will be a feature freeze a week from today. if you really want a feature in your final release, make sure to get it in over the next week. even if it's broken. whoops I didn't say that
  • for Monday, have a plan for where you want to go based on where you are now.

Wed Mar 4

  • free work day

Mon Mar 2

  • snow day. held Skype conference.
  • notes are here

Mon Feb 23

  • handed out dead-tree edition of SWEBOK
  • there will be a quiz on Friday -- you will need Chaps 2 and 3 at the quiz (also read it first)
  • mentioned "use case" scenario method of describing software
  • mentioned Brad Paley's colloquium talk, in which he advocated for accessible prototyping techniques such as quick sketches to involve clients
  • looked at media from Theater students
  • reviewed proposals of everyone who was present

Fri Feb 20

Wed Feb 18

  • design process & schedule for Theater Software
  • see photo of whiteboard discussion (right-click and open in new window):
  • features in red are required, features in green are optional (left side of whiteboard)

Tue Feb 17

  • Justin Rowland class visit
  • design discussion for Theater Software projects

Fri Feb 13

  • Portfolio
  • AIR update w/file upload -- Steve and John demoed
  • MMM Ch 1 - 3 discussion

Fri Feb 6

  • software requirements
  • start looking into S3