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Game Project

After meeting with Bonnie Paulino from the Kennedy Day School, I have come up with the following ideas for her students. Attach:efk-GameProposals.pdf

The project I will do for the students at the Kennedy Day School will be a puzzle solver. It will allow the students to solve a puzzle from an image which they (or teacher/parent) upload. Attach:efk-photopuzproposal.pdf

The project will have the following UI for the teachers and supervisors to set up the puzzle for the kids. Attach:efk-UISummary.pdf

PhotoPuz 0.1 - Degas

This release does not have any impressive features, primarily because most of the week was spent configuring the test server, as well as linking PHP to IMagick. Although the features are not fully working yet, S3 is included in the features, as well as being able to browse the local file system to select upload images. The drop-down list for how many pieces the puzzle should have is also working. Code is on SVN.

PhotoPuz 0.2 - Van Gogh

This release primarily focused on getting a better understanding of the ImageMagick API, as well as time spent on figuring out how to integrate ImageMagick and PHP. One of the visible updates from v0.1 is that the web page has a slightly modified UI, which includes instructions for the teachers/supervisors. These instructions help them set up the game for the students to play. Code is on SVN. Attach:efk-alpha2screen.pdf

PhotoPuz 0.3 - Picasso

Prior to this release, it became apparent that using ImageMagick for PHP will not be a solution. After much time spent with trying to get ImageMagick working inside PHP, it was dropped. Late efforts were made to develop PHP scripts using a built in GD library for image manipulation. The last two days were spent learning about the GD capabilities and attempting to have GD do the manipulations needed for PhotoPuz. If this does not work, Flex will be used to do a much larger portion of the project. Code is on SVN.

PhotoPuz 0.4 (Beta) - Monet

This release finally has the bulk of needed PHP code working. The primary issue was that I was editing the WRONG configuration file, so nothing was working earlier. As of this release, PHP uploads an image to Amazon S3 bucket for Adobe Flex to read from, as well as change the size prior to uploading to properly fit the puzzle canvas (600 x 600 pixels). This next few days will be used for uploading everything to TechCreation server and making the few adjustments to make sure that everything works on a UNIX based server, not a Windows based one. Final fixes will include making the website a little more aesthetically pleasing, as well as adding directions for the teachers/supervisors and linking the final Flex puzzle directly to the site. Code is on SVN.

TheaterStudio Project

TheaterStudio Project Proposal: Attach:efk_theaterStudio.pdf

TheaterStudio 0.1 - Monologue Attach:efk-TheaterStudio.swf

The primary GUI can be seen from this release. Although the final project will be more organized and have more features requiring more changes to the GUI, the main idea can be seen in this release. The background color changer works using Adobe's ColorPicker. The drag-and-drop feature of moving an image on the canvas also works. The main issue still to be dealt with is getting the S3 working with TheaterStudio. Code is on SVN.

TheaterStudio 0.2 - Protagonist Attach:efk-TheaterStudio2.swf

This was a release which worked on adding images to the canvas, as well as fixing several issues with the sound. The GUI remained similar to that in 0.1, with only slight changes to account for the new features. Added from TheaterStudio 0.1 is the Flickr search capabilities and the ability to change image size prior to adding it to the canvas. Code is on SVN.

TheaterStudio 0.3 Beta - Climactic Finish Attach:efk-TheaterStudioBeta.swf

For this release I worked a little more on the GUI, as well as have the Amazon S3 feature added. This feature is broken at the moment, but it is in there so I can work on it past the feature freeze. The GUI is somewhat unclear and will most likely change for the final release. The stop button for the audio does not always work either. The primary work on this release was primarily focused on implementing Amazon S3. Code is on SVN.

TheaterStudio 1.0 - Soliloquy Attach:efk-TheaterStudioFinal2.swf

This is the final release and after much debugging and struggles with Flex, should be working as predicted by the original outline. The final release does work with Amazon S3, as well as deals with images and audio. I hope you enjoy it. The GUI has been updated to allow for a more user-friendly design, as well as labeling the stage itself. Code is on SVN.

Miscellaneous Class Work and Assignments

This is the result of the Fighter Plane Game Tutorial. The code for all of this is on the test SVN. Attach:efk-mainFP.swf

Summary of Mythical Man Month Chapters 1-3: Attach:efk_MMM_1-3.docx

Summary of How To Be A Program Manager: Attach:efk_Program_Manager.docx

Summary of Harel-Statecharts: Attach:efk-HarelSummary.pdf

Summary of Boehm's Article "A View of 20th and 21st Century Software Engineering" Attach:efk-boehm.pdf

Summary of Sjøberg, Dybå and Jørgensen's Article "The Future of Empirical Methods in Software Engineering Research" Attach:efk-future.pdf