Project 2 - Summary

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The game will begin with a menu screen. In this menu screen the option will be given for the user to select a single switch or a double switch input method. To select the single switch method the user will simple click, if the user can hit a second button then they can select double switch method.

In single switch mode the game will automatically traverse the game's board and wait a certain amount of time before traversing to the next vacant square. The user has a certain amount of time to click on that square before the game selector traverses to the next vacant square.

In double switch mode the user can traverse the vacant square using one switch and select a vacant square with the other.

The game will also consist of a series of different levels. Each level will have a different character the user can play against on a different map, as well.

There will be sounds to accompany user's input and game output. For example, when the user or game traverses to the next vacant square, it will produce a small tone signifying the operation.