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Learning Flex

Reading and Writing Assignments

MMM Chapters 1-3

Joel on Software - How to be a program manager

Game Project

Here's my Jupiter beta release: aw-jupiter-release

Here's my Mars alpha 2 release: aw-mars-release

Here's my Moon alpha release: aw-moon-release

Here is my idea document with 3 game ideas: Attach:game_proposal.doc

Here are the corresponding images:

Stick Figure Spy

Box2D Game

Note: This is a screenshot of the demo. If I go with this concept, I plan to make the demo interactive, and add different actions that you can perform on the box person.

Space Game

Enjoy my sweet MS Paint skills!

Theater App

TheaterApp Writeup

The theater app will be broken up into 4 releases:

  • Alpha 1 "Dopey"
  • Alpha 2 "Grumpy"
  • Beta "Sleepy"
  • Stable Release

Alpha 1 "Dopey"

To be delivered Friday, February 27 2009



  • Functional GUI
  • Amazon S3 Upload / Download (and display) of media

Dopey should have a completely functional user interface similar to video editing software. A timeline will be at the bottom of the screen and consist of snapshots of each scene. This will allow users to switch between scenes with ease. The main canvas will be in the top-left of the screen. This will be where the user edits the individual scene. To the right of the main canvas will be a file tree or other list of scene objects. Objects will be stored in an Amazon S3 bucket and accessed by the app when needed.

Accessing Amazon S3 will be done using code written by another class member. This will be the biggest "show stopper" feature to be implemented early in development in order to make sure it is a rock solid feature. Users should be able to drag a file from their desktop to the S3 bucket via the app in order to upload files.

Alpha 2 "Grumpy"

To be delivered Friday, March 6 2009



  • Image Layers (Hierarchy)
  • Image / Object Placement
  • Sounds
  • Lighting

Grumpy development will build on top of the features completed in Dopey, and implement image layers and placement. Image manipulation will be performed by right-clicking on an image (or object) and selecting an option. Sounds will also be implemented during this phase. Also, lighting should be implemented.

Beta "Sleepy"

To be delivered Friday, March 13 2009



  • Save / Load
    • Object Hierarchy - Export to XML
  • Any 'extra' features I can get working

Sleepy development will again build on the foundation of the Dopey and Grumpy releases. Development on this release will focus on extra features, such as saving a scene. A scene should export to an XML file in the following format:

<scene name="my_test_scene">
        <object name="object_id" type="background" image="bg.png">
            <object name="object_id2" type="actor" image="actor.png" />

Stable Release

To be delivered Friday, March 27 2009


This will be the final product to be given to the theater students. All bugs should (hopefully) be fixed and the app should be completed.