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91.411 Software Engineering I, Spring 2009
Prof. F. Martin

Out: Jan 26
Due: Jan 28 and Jan 30


This week we're going to evaluate Adobe Flex and decide if it's going to work for us.

Part One -- Due Weds

  • Download/install Adobe Flex.
  • Apply for complimentary student license.
  • Go through tutorial for building the first two demo apps:
    • Create a Simple RIA
    • Exchanging Data
  • Save your work to your "test" SVN repository -- ideally, along the way so you have multiple versions.
  • Be prepared to discuss the technology in class on Weds

Part Two -- Due Fri

I am not sure if Flex will be good for videogame-like apps. I'd like to avoid having to drop into Flash to do this kind of stuff.

  • Make a button that when clicked, plays a sound (presumably, this is easy)
  • Make an object (e.g. an icon) that can be dragged around the screen with the mouse. When you click-n-drag, it follows the mouse pointer and then stays put when you let go
  • Make an object (e.g., a ball) bounce around inside a boundary
  • Make two objects that move on their own simultaneously.
  • Upload to folder in your repository