91.350.201 Real World Software Development

Fall 2010

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Fridays at 2 to 5 pm, room TBA
1 credit

First meeting: Friday September 3, 2 pm, OS210A

Write maintainable, production code for a local free software organization.

Many undergraduate Computer Science assignments are throwaway programs. After the assignment is graded, they are never touched again. This is not the best way to write software for ATMs, or even blog software. Typing code is a small part of the process of writing good software.

In this 1 credit course, you will pair program with a full-time developer to resolve three bugs / feature requests in our bug tracking database ( ). Learn about search engine optimization, source code version control, bug tracking, unit testing, and code reviews in the context of fixing bugs and adding features.

We will meet Fridays 2 PM - 5 PM on North Campus. Pre-meeting preparation will be 1 hour per week. Textbooks provided. Prerequisites are Computing I and II—or equivalent experience—and a desire to be involved in the Free and Open Source movement.

Please note this is a 1-credit class. Most of the learning will happen during the Friday meetings, so consistent attendance is critical. Please contact Prof. Martin if you have any questions.


Please see the course syllabus here.